15 October 2015


Every day, since years, it has attracted thousands of visitors to be mesmerized by its beauty from all angles of the great monument. But now, the Taj Mahal...as I gathered...some or the other part of it will always be in its cleaning phase till the foreseeable future. Pollution of all sorts, acid rain and whatever has now left it in such a state that we may not see it in a way we expect it to be. The scaffolding for cleaning one of its minarets is just the kind of eyesore we will end up seeing most often. Bad...so bad...blame it on us humans. 

But then, as they say, a rose by another name would still be a rose. The Taj, any which way, will still be Taj…Wow Taj

The Taj Mahal…can it be anything else but beautiful. Beautiful for its architecture is obvious. More beautiful for love being the reason for its creation.

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