14 February 2013

My Personal Favorites

Every step you take, every move you make...the shadow follows you.

Absolutely a matter of chance. While I wanted to click birdy pics at Sultanpur, the birds chose to be far away from me. And instead came this great blue bull....I didn't mind at all.

Got Bull!!!


A pedestrian crossing in Seoul. There is something mysterious about this....while you see something, you think about what you don't see.

On air, seeing land and water meeting up...approaching the HongKong Airport.

Aah...if only i'm assured of a rest as peaceful and magical as this, I'd want rest right away.

Music on the Move!!!

On a Sunday afternoon...while just fooling with the camera on the terrace. I trailed the plane for a silhouette. The bird that came on the way seemed like a gift from the god above. To me it added a reference point depending on who you treat as the main subject in the picture.

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