17 September 2014

Human Stories

Woman of (lot of) substance.

Life comes to a crossroad as paths cross...silently.
Fashion statement or Faith?


Bay watch...interrupted by the 'yogis'

(Cotton) Candy Crush

Under the bull's eye!!!

The parrot picks the card...the man parrots the fortune to the fortune seeker.

Awe Triangle!!!

At a time when we are taking pride in going digital, we still haven't started saying 'Kindle is the best friend one can have'. The feel of a book in hand is very different than a device. But...read anyway.
A razor in hand in any context can be intimidating. It's a matter of trust that one accepts it to get close to your neck.
One can go far in life, if together with someone dear.
Waiting with uncertainty can be a painful experience. Whoever you might be waiting for...there is an expectation. You may or may not get what you expect. So...there are no pleasant surprises of getting what you didn't expect while waiting.
Girls...please save them for goodness sake.
"Pink-Panthers"? Or "Sita aur Gita" of Italy...
'Wondering my blunders'.
Forget about parallel banks. They are right outside one...exchanging old notes for new ones at a discount.
You'll never know what you can do unless you try. Be brave. Have faith.
It's better to try things out and have a chance to succeed, than to sit on your bum and be a failure in your mind.
Photogenic 'Models' outside a store.
Tragedy Queen and the Comedian King.
A kid grows up...step-by-step.
"Our prayers must mean something to us if they are to mean anything to God."
Generation Gap...reading for sure using different media.
Creating a marvel is easier than being able to keep it that way. The Red Fort in Delhi, built way back in 1648, continues to charm us...thanks to the effort of people like him.
Style...a way of living life, less ordinary.
Eyes...they can say it all, specially when naughty.
Mother and Son...a lot to look forward to by being beside each other.
Philosophically...these eyes have seen the world 
A conference between two...with one observer.
Economic Disparity...happens when one has a lot covered up and with some surplus, not desirous of giving away any.

With people looking in different directions...does any one care these days?
Forget about Rejuvenation Resorts and Oxygen Bars...come to a park instead. Leave aside your Pads. Tabs, Smarties...and what have you. Fetch your good old newspaper, sit back, relax...go back in time. Slow down once in a while.
Lonely...oh so lonely. I'm so lonely, I have nobody to call my own.
Run...and rest to run again.
I was thinking what they were thinking. What do you think?
Rain rain rain...oh please rain.
Watching out over the years....

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