30 December 2013

Memories from Orchha - December '13.

28-30 Dec' 2014: A weekend at Orchha to round off the year with my camera. Orchha, a small place near Jhansi had much to offer if these pictures were to say so. Got there and felt filled with bliss. Friendly people all around with no one in a hurry. Nice weather and great food helped in being one with the place....and then these pics happened.
Bliss: This is about a state of mind being one with the surrounding beauty of nature and man-made monuments. 

The 'Chhatris' of Orchha...in memory of the family members of the Bundela rulers of the 17th and 18th century.

Keep Walking - Inspired by Johnnie Walker.

Jai Shri Ram

Color Photograph Model Baba

'Framed' in the backdrop of the Betwa river at Orchha

"Hanuman Ghat"


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    1. thanks ribhya...god bless...take care.