31 March 2016

Brilliant Banaras...

It's called the City of Moksha, the Oldest City lived by Mankind, the holiest for Hindus, and so on. Much has been said and written about it. My addition, albeit at the expense of repetition, is that it's a wonderful place for photography enthusiasts to get going practising their craft. The streets and lanes, the ghats, the food, the people...it's a happening place.

Travelling...Cattle Class

Skull Candy...The 'Aghoris' of Banaras

Praying for Peace....on the banks of Ganges in Banaras.

Banaras...a place to reflect upon oneself and achieve 'moksha'

Sweeping Changes: The ghats of Banaras are clean enough for one to walk all over...

Mother Cares: Not letting harsh sunlight hit the 'child'.

The Studious Sadhu


Sadhus - they come in all colors 1

Sadhus - they come in all colors 2
Sadhus...they come in all colors 3

Peddler's Den
While many of us may have a sweet tooth, the folks in Banaras seem to have all sweet teeth. 

Tevar aise jaise Gali ka Raja ho (the demeanour of being the king of the lane)

The very popular Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti...
Ganga Aarti...

Ganga Aarti...

Floating 'diyas' in the river...as a symbol of hope and wishes.

To say 'Maa Ganga' and then polluting it in many ways...what a contradiction?

Round of Gossip (Gol Gappe) on the move...

Tippy-tippy-tap...what color do you want

Cricket happens...wherever you go in India.

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